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Joinery architecture is getting the perfect balance between form and function; the aesthetic vs purpose Interior design is about envisioning, planning and outfitting spaces in a way that make them both beautiful and functional.

Our Services

Since opening in 2015, we have worked closely with Interior Designers, and Architects developing quality joinery designs and installations, along with very competitive costing methods and great service which ensures the client gets value out of the end product.

At Superior Interiors, our team is driven to work alongside you in turning your initial idea or design into a finished product.

Every great design begins with an idea.

We take every single factor into account when we design your home. We are also experts in choosing finishes that work!
OUR TEAM take pride in the Company’s high quality standards therefore ensuring minimal snags during the installation process
Project manage
Between the two directors of the company, the projects are managed personally to ensure that our client’s expectations are met
After Service
We will look after you well after the project is complete, be it months or years. Guaranteed.

Project Ref SS1386 Valdevie


Project Ref SS1338 Valdevie


Project Ref SS1370 Welgedacht


Project Ref SS1399 Valdevie


Project Ref SS1447 Pearl Valley


Project Ref SS1432 Constantia

Ref SS1338 - Valdevie Estate
Ref SS1468 - Pearl Valley
Ref SS1399- Valdevie Estate
Ref SS1370 - Welgedaght Estate
Ref SS1458 - Pearl Valley
Ref SS1420 - Valdevie Estate
Ref SS1447- Pearl Valley
Ref SS1386 - Valdevie
Ref - SS1268 De Kelders Gansbaai
Ref - SS1475 - Valdevie
Ref - SS1432 - Constantia
Ref ss1433 - Constantia
Ref - SS1475 - Valdevie
Ref - SS1432 - Constantia
Ref ss1433 - Constantia
Ref SS1522 - Valdevie Estate
Ref SS1536 - Pearl Valley